Nose pressed to glass

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Nose Pressed To Glass

Yet another locked-out CBC worker's blog. But mine's better.

OK, a throwaway boast I now have to try to live up. But my feet are tired! I smell like sunscreen! I discovered I have a serious dust alergy while rooting through the couch for spare change! And suddenly I'm addicted to exclamation marks!

About me:

A Toronto-based journalist who, like most of my colleagues, has serious issues with both the union and management.

The union now wants to call all of us brother and sister even though it has, for years, treated casuals and contracts like shit in favour of the golden staffers. They've let managers (and staffers) similarly use and abuse the non-perms for years. They let it become accepted wisdom that you can a do a job, or jobs, well for years but not deserve any security. Now, Arnold and the gang are born-again defenders of the grey-zone worker. In case you're now wondering if I'm a management plant, read on.

Management is, at the top, a morally bankrupt band of despoilers and debasers. It sounds like hyperbole but I think Richard Stursberg truly is a zealot with a master plan (about transforming TV with contract drones) that he won't reveal to staff or the public. This is all about TV -- radio and online are just incidental roadkill.

Jane Chalmers seems like Robin in a shag to Stursberg's dark knight. Radio is doing, everyone agrees, great. People in big cities are listening to earnest debates about social programs and gun control instead of the morning asylum over on the rock station. It seems too good to be true. So why change radically? And why risk the long-fought-for gains with a lockout? She isn't saying because, in her heart, she doesn't know.

Sue Gardner from online just seems ambitious. Did you listen to her audio file about getting rid of deadwood? Her voice is sort of creepily hypnotic. But if Stursberg keeled over tomorrow and was replaced by a new bossman preaching skateboarding instead of contracting, I bet she'd be up all night practising kickflips and then turn up for work wearing Vans.

Robert Rabinovitch. Who?

So I have to side with the union as the lesser evil. Management can't actually explain why an almost all-contract workforce is "vital to the survival of the CBC" as that Jason McMouthpiece guy is spouting to any reporter who will listen. It's just PR hokum hiding a master plan wrapped inside a Juicy Fruit wrapper.

They've kicked us out of the house, taken away the car keys and it will never be the same when we finally go back home. But being locked out sucks so I hope something happens soon. Tod Maffin is right - both sides should start talking for real. Workers won't take union fussiness for too much longer. And management should bargain with good faith, not rigid voodoo ideology.

Finally, a little positivity. Huge props and mad love to Joe Schlesinger and Brian Stewart who were walking the line Friday afternoon. Seeing Brian with his limp and Joe with his silver hair and stiff gait warmed my heart. Some of us have to do it for the strike pay. These guys have nothing to prove and nothing to gain. Brian was on Oprah, for God's sakes. But there they were trudging along, wearing signs and no doubt feeling weird and dorky like the rest of us.

Thanks, gents.



At 7:56 PM, Blogger Cin said...

Man, you're right, your blog is better. (And isn't the addiction to exclamation marks in blogdom strange? I'm fighting a case of them too!!!!)

As for this whole thing, I standby my original post.( The Corp ain't my mother. There is something seriously wrong with the management culture here. This lockout just confirms an opinion I've held for years.

As for staying unbiased.... you ARE the story, man. Time to turn your reporter brain off and accept this as your temporary reality.

At 8:51 AM, Blogger hector_inside said...

Where can I listen to the Sue Gardner audio file you referred to?

At 1:54 PM, Blogger nosepressedtoglass said...


You can hear the Sue Gardner file here:



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